You Missed The LIVE Online Event, But You Can Get Instant Access To The Official Recording Today
Persuasion Secrets 
How To Get What You Want, When You Want, From Who You Want
You Missed The LIVE Online Event, But You Can Get Instant Access To The Official Recording Today
How To Get What You Want, When You Want, From Who You Want
You Will Get 24/7 Access To The Official Recording
You Missed The LIVE Online Event, But You Can Get Instant Access To The Official Recording Today 
Imagine... Being Able To Effortlessly Influence And Persuade Other People To Do Whatever You Want… 
(And Make Them Think It Was Their Idea!)
The only thing standing in the way between you and what you want is just one person... 

...and if you know how to ethically influence them to give you what you want... life becomes easier and much more fun.
  • Want a raise? You have to convince your boss or employer to see the value and your worth in the company.
  • Want more sales? You have to influence your prospect to invest in themselves.
  • Want more dates? You have to persuade that attractive stranger to give you their number.
Now, you may be thinking persuasion is manipulative or harmful to others. But if you can ethically influence people in a positive way, then influence can be a great way to help others while helping yourself, too!

Imagine if you could persuade someone to cut out an unhealthy habit like smoking or drinking. 

Imagine if you could persuade your boss to give you raise so you’ll work harder and be able to support yourself and your loved ones more.

Isn’t that a good way to use persuasion?
The problem is, school doesn’t teach us how to get more of what we want out of life...
The old-school “persuasion” tactics just don’t work anymore...

And many of us have lost our natural persuasion and influence skills because we spend more time communicating through our electronics than we do communicating face-to-face.

That’s why Dan Lok put together Persuasion Secrets.
Many Of These Secrets Are Used By FBI Agents To Extract Information And Persuade Others To Do What They Want... And Were Designed By A Professor Of Psychology At Arizona State University
These secrets are proven to work based on REAL science, lab results, and they work in the real world.
It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if, after you discover these persuasion secrets and use them, that you get MORE salesMORE free upgrades and accommodationsMORE respect… and get MORE of what you want out of life.
Now, are you going to instantly become a persuasion expert overnight after attending Persuasion Secrets?


Are you going to woo people and get more of what you want out of life right away? 

But those things won’t happen if you don’t use what’s taught in Persuasion Secrets and use them RIGHT.
Most people get the “how to” but they never do anything with it, or they expect magic to happen by doing the bare minimum.

What you put in is what you get out. Your results are entirely up to you.

But if you’re ready to start getting more of what you want from others and you’re serious about using what you learn in Persuasion Secrets then let’s keep going...
This LIVE Online Event Is Taught By Dan Lok, And Dan’s Top Copywriters & Persuasion Experts, Ed And Stephen
Ed Reay, Copywriter & Master Persuader
Stephen Zhao, Director Of Sales Copy & Master Persuader
Dan brought Ed and Stephen onto the team for one reason and one reason only

For their extensive skills in persuading and influencing other people.

These two men are the brains behind millions of dollars of revenue generated in Dan’s company whether it’s through advertisingcollaborations with other influencers… or strategic promotions

These guys are world-class persuaders.

They’ve combined $30,000+ learning and studying from the most persuasive people in the world…

And they’re going to share their most powerful persuasion secrets with YOU!
When You Get Your Official Recording Of Persuasion Secrets Taught By Dan Lok, Ed, And Stephen, You’ll Discover:
  • ​6 phrases that instantly persuade people to turn the tide in your favor in any situation…even if you think you’re out of luck!..
  • ​How to ethically hijack another person’s mind so that they happily do whatever you want… and think it was their idea!..
  • ​3 surprising “under the radar” tactics used by FBI agents to influence and win anyone over in under 10 seconds...
  • ​How to get people to “accidentally” reveal their hidden agendas, secret thoughts, and deepest desires about what they REALLY want... (And how to use this information to win almost any argument, debate, or negotiation!)...
  • ​The best way to position yourself as an authority figure to become more persuasive and get people to listen to whatever you have to say...
  • ​How to defend yourself from anyone who tries to use manipulative persuasion tactics on you and how to use this to your advantage...
  • ​How to develop your communication skills to know exactly what to say and how to say it to become more persuasive...
  • ​The best way to build rapport with anyone and get people to authentically like you...
  • ​The ONE word that causes a “glitch” in the human brain to get people to say “yes” more often...
  • ​And much, much more!
Here's What You'll Get...
Official Recording Of Persuasion Secrets
($997.00 Value)
Dan Lok’s exclusive LIVE online event gives you the secrets to get what you want, when you want, from who you want!
Get Your Official Recording Now And Claim These FREE Bonuses:
Persuasion Secrets Quickstart Guide
($97.00 Value)
Dan puts together all the key takeaways and action items from Persuasion Secrets and puts it all into a simple, easy to use guide to get you what you want, when you want, from who you want!
Cognitive Biases Decoded:
Decoding The 7 Most Lethal Cognitive Biases 
To Get Whatever You Want In Any Situation
($347.00 Value)
Did you know that there are “glitches” in our brains called cognitive biases that control our everyday decisions? The most powerful of these “glitches” override our ability to think logically and can be used to help people or be used for evil. Promise you will use these 7 lethal cognitive biases for good.
Power Phrases:
The 3 Most Powerful Phrases 
You Can Use When Persuading Others
($247.00 Value)
Just like every door has a key to unlock and open it, every mind has certain ‘key’ phrases that unlock it and open it, too. You’ll discover the 3 most powerful phrases you can use when persuading others, and how to get others to open their hearts, minds, and wallets to you.
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I want you to see how valuable Dan On Demand™ is so you upgrade to the PRO version and stay inside the program and the community for many months to come.

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So join today risk-free, and make up your own mind.
P.S. I could tell you that Dan On Demand™ “ works”... but...
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