You Missed The LIVE Online Event, But You Can Get Instant Access To The Official Recording Today
YouTube Secrets 
"How To Get Your Next 1,000+ Subscribers Fast And Turn Your Passion, Hobby, Or Skill Into A Profitable Side-Hustle By Doing The Opposite Of What The YouTube Pros Tell You!"
You Missed The LIVE Online Event, But You Can Get Instant Access To The Official Recording Today
YouTube Secrets 
"How To Get Your Next 1,000+ Subscribers Fast And Turn Your Passion, Hobby, Or Skill Into A Profitable Side-Hustle By Doing The Opposite Of What The YouTube Pros Tell You!"
You Missed The LIVE Online Event, But You Can Get Instant Access To The Official Recording Today
What If You Could Turn Simple YouTube Videos About Your Passion, Hobby, Or Skill Into A Profitable Side-Hustle...
(Even If You Have Less Than 1,000 YouTube Subscribers?)
No matter what your passion, hobby, or skill is… YouTube Secrets will give you the step-by-step blueprint to get your next 1,000 subscribers fast and turn a channel of any size into a profitable side-hustle by doing something you actually enjoy.

Mark Zuckerberg used one of these ‘YouTube Secrets’ to start Facebook and turn it into a billion-dollar empire, (don’t worry, you don’t need to be some type of genius or tech wiz to use these YouTube Secrets!)
Successful YouTubers make simple videos using these YouTube Secrets and travel the world without worrying about paying the bills or where their next paycheck is going to come from.

And today you may see me with 1.4+ million subscribers and say, “Easy for you to say, Dan Lok!”. But it was only because of these YouTube secrets that I went from just 100 subscribers to over a million.

Using these simple and easy-to-follow YouTube Secrets, you’ll have a super easy side-hustle that only takes a few hours a week to work on. Or if you so choose, you can spend a little more time on it and turn it into your own profit generating asset!
Whether you’re a veteran YouTuber, or someone who has some experience on YouTube, or if you’re someone who doesn’t even have a channel yet…

These YouTube Secrets will give you insight into what’s working NOW to get subscribers fast and get handsomely rewarded by making simple videos!
What People Are Saying About My YouTube Secrets
“Even though I only have 200+ subs, I am able to make money with it :)”
- ProfitNotch (Abhijith Nair)
“This info is priceless”
- Robusquet
“Learned more about life & business from Dan and his team in just a few weeks, than I did in the past 15 years”
- Druvie Lorenz-Daniel
“If you are committed to changing your financial situation and your overall view of life, then I suggest to focus on Sifu Dan Lok’s teachings”
- David Teszár
“I can’t recommend Dan’s programs enough”
- Iacopo Di Luigi
“If there was space for more than 5 stars - I would surely give this to Sifu Dan Lok”
- Christine Cyrus
“That was extremely helpful… thank you Dan!”
- Adam Nassor
“Thanks Dan I just hit 300 subs”
- Jeffry Aborde
Here’s A Weird But True Fact: 
People Who Have Less Confidence, Video Skills, And Good Looks Actually Get Subscribers Faster On YouTube!
The best way to find success on YouTube is by being yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re ‘average looking’, ‘boring’, or ‘unskilled'.

You probably know a person or you’ve heard of a person who may not be the most attractive or the most confident, but for some reason they’re pretty popular. Why is that?
  •  Is it because that person “paid” others to like them?
  • ​Is it because they’re rich?
  • ​Or is it because that person was born famous?
No, it’s probably because they’re authentic. They’re perfectly imperfect. And because they’re not afraid to be themselves.

Authenticity helps us build deep and strong connections with others.

Even Mark Zuckerberg knows the power of connection.
“When I was building Facebook I was just trying to help connect people… you couldn’t find and connect with the people that you cared about, which as people is actually the most important thing.”
~ Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
German researchers have proven that people like people who are like themselves

You may have someone in your life that you like being around… chances are, it’s because you have similar hobbies, passions, or skills.

Now look at this photo. I wasn’t particularly attractive. Interesting. Or skilled.
Yet that guy in the photo found success on YouTube.

So you don’t have to be charismatic or confident or good looking to become wildly successful by making YouTube videos.

All you have to be is yourself.
The Fastest, Easiest Way To Get Your Next 1,000+ Subscribers FAST Using The Secret ‘Snowball Effect’ That Nobody Dares To Talk About...
Getting your next 1,000+ subscribers doesn’t have to take more than just a few hours a week. And it doesn’t have to be hard work either.

All the YouTube professionals told me otherwise.

They said:
  •  “You need to edit your own videos and have perfect camera equipment to make them perfect”...
  • ​“You need to film videos every single day, work 50+ hours a week, and edit your own videos”...
  • ​“You need to focus on growing your channel slowly.” (At first growth may be slow, but soon your channel will grow at an unstoppable rate with these YouTube secrets!)
I followed their advice… yet nothing happened… for a long time my channel growth barely budged and I didn’t make ANY money.

But when I started doing the OPPOSITE of what the pros told me, and started using the ‘secret formula’ that 99.9% of all YouTubers don’t know (that you’re about to discover)… the channel took off and literally exploded.
I realized that to grow your channel and make simple yet profitable YouTube videos...
  • You don't need to use expensive camera equipment and software or to make your videos ‘perfect.’
  • You don't need to film videos every single day. All it takes is one day a week (You’ll get the full strategy behind this in YouTube Secrets)
  • And you don't have to focus on growing your channel slowly. (The weird thing is, if you want to make your channel grow fast, you have to move slow!)
The whole key to success on YouTube is consistency. You will get much better results by uploading one video a week for 3 months (slow) than 3 videos a week for only 1 month (fast)

When you stop listening to the “YouTube professionals” and focus on authenticity and consistency, your next 1,000+ subscribers comes much faster and easier.
Imagine pushing a snowball down a hill.

It may go slow at first, but eventually it picks up speed, and soon the snowball becomes so massive and fast you can’t stop the growth!

That’s exactly like your YouTube channel.

If you can get to your next 100 subscribers, your next 1,000+ will come in no time. 
That’s the magic of ‘The Snowball Effect’... an unstoppable force that will bring you more subscribers, views, and checks!

And here’s the kicker…
You Can Have A Profitable Career Or Side-Hustle On Youtube Without Revealing Your Name Or Face!
YouTubers like ‘Improvement Pill’... ‘How To Basic’... and ‘Practical Psychology’ have become highly successful and have a great side-hustle doing what they love without revealing their face or name.

As a YouTube channel following these YouTube secrets without revealing their face or name…
Improvement Pill created a channel around what he loves - helping people overcome their problems and giving them powerful strategies. And that has attracted 1,429,080 subscribers and according to Social Blade, a social media statistics tracker, he makes up to $4.4K a month.
According to Social Blade, How To Basic makes between $6K - $96.2K a month and has attracted 13,167,963 subscribers on YouTube by smashing everything in his videos and turning it into entertaining content.
Practical Psychology has gotten 1,652,521 YouTube subscribers and according to Social Blade he makes up to $6.1K a month talking about psychology and making helpful self-help videos for people.
Now, after attending YouTube Secrets, will you magically get 1,000+ subscribers overnight?


Will you be able to start a profitable side-hustle?


Most people attending events like this will learn the “how to” but never do anything with them, or they expect the results will come to them by doing the bare minimum.

So whatever you decide to do with these secrets is entirely up to you.

But if you’re serious about discovering the fastest way to get your next 1,000+ subscribers and creating a side-hustle around doing what you love, then let’s keep going...
Join The Event On May 13th From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, Where I’ll Privately Teach You How To Get Your Next 1,000+ YouTube Subscribers And...
When You Secure The Recording, You’re Getting Exclusive Access To The:
($997.00 Value)
This exclusive online event gives you the secrets to getting your next 1,000+ subscribers FAST without expensive equipment, good looks, or charisma!
  • How to attract more subscribers FAST using the ‘Cape Of Authenticity’
  • ​How to shoot simple videos WITHOUT expensive equipment
  • Why 99.9% of YouTubers fail… (and how you can be the 0.1% that succeeds!)
  • ​The secrets to captivating your audience in 10 seconds or less and make them watch from start to finish
  • How to unlock fun… excitement… and fulfillment in your life through the magic of YouTube
  •  The #1 trick to overcoming ‘Camera-Shyness’
  • ​How to leverage the ‘Perception Portals’ to position yourself as a YouTube Authority and be the top 1% in ANY niche
  • How to silence your “little voice” and have unshakeable confidence in ANY video
  • ​How to become a compelling and influential YouTuber like PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, Bethany Mota, and many more
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘secret profit-generating formula’
  •  And much, much more!
Get Your Official Recording Now And Claim These FREE Bonuses:
YouTube Secrets Quickstart Guide
($39.00 Value)
I put together all the key takeaways and action items from YouTube Secrets and put it all into a simple, easy to use guide for you to get your next 1,000+ subscribers and create a side-hustle with your passion, hobby, or skill!... (even if you’re just getting started!)
Charisma On Camera
($97.00 Value)
Tina, is the face of many programs in Dan’s organizations. She went from being introverted to irresistibly charismatic on camera and won the hearts of 4,500+ people from 130+ countries through mesmerizing videos.

And you’ll discover the same secrets to become naturally charismatic and authentic in person and on camera to get your next 1,000 subscribers FAST!
101 YouTube Videos Cheat Sheet
($101.00 Value)
Did you know that there are some video-types that dominate any niche? 

That, whoever creates them, can attract a lot of attention? 

In this bonus, you’ll discover the 101 proven YouTube video ideas to skyrocket your following!
Official Dan On Demand™ Facebook Community
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You receive access to the official Dan On Demand™ Facebook community where you can meet, network, and connect with like-minded people across the globe!
Official Dan On Demand™ Facebook Community
(Priceless Value)
You receive access to the official Dan On Demand™ Facebook community where you can meet, network, and connect with like-minded people across the globe!
You Will Get 24/7 Access To The Official Recording And Bonuses
About Dan:
Dan started his YouTube channel in October, 2014. He was told he could never grow a following because he was a shy, average-looking asian immigrant without video skills.

But when Dan decided to stop listening to all the YouTube professionals he was paying tens of thousands of dollars, he decided to do it “The Lok Way”. And today, Dan is recognized as the go-to expert when it comes to growing your YouTube channel in an easy and fast way.

With 1,473,022+ subscribers on YouTube, Dan Lok is one of the top YouTubers in the “Business”-niche and has done successful collaborations with celebrities and experts like: Brandon Carter, Improvement Pill, Graham Stephan, Stefan James, Antonio Centeno, Ryan Scribner, Timothy DeLaGhetto and many more!
The reason I am doing this is simple...
I want you to see how valuable Dan On Demand™ is so you upgrade to the PRO version and stay inside the program and the community for many months to come.

And I want you to get such great results from the program and the community that you invest in some of my higher-end programs.
There’s Absolutely No Risk So Start Your FREE Membership Today.
I could tell you how valuable Dan On Demand™ is but I’d rather let you find out for yourself.

So join today risk-free, and make up your own mind.
P.S. I could tell you that Dan On Demand™ “ works”... but...
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